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Early-bird Tickets for QED 2024 are priced from £164 for the full weekend. This price will remain available until 2nd September 2024, after which tickets will be available at the standard price of £189. For guidance on essential companions please see our accessibility page.

Online-only tickets are priced from £45, which gets you access to a live stream of the main stage from the comfort of your own home.

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We’ve been asked over the years if there is some way that people who are able to pay more can help support QED as a non-profit event. If you'd like to make an optional additional contribution, on top of your ticket price, you can help ensure QED remains accessible and affordable for all.


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By purchasing QED tickets, you affirm that each member of your party agrees to be bound by the terms & conditions of sale. We think itʼs important you read these terms before you buy.