Guest Speakers

Coming Soon

Our new line-up has yet to be announced, but past speakers include: Dave Alnwick, Mitch Benn, Susan Blackmore, David Clarke, Lucy Cooke, Mark Crislip, Helen Czerski, Captain Disillusion, Edzard Ernst, Chris French, Lucie Green, David Gorski, Britt Hermes, Bruce Hood, George Hrab, Meirion Jones, Catherine de Jong, Chris Jackson, Claire Klingenberg, Robert Llewellyn, Joe Nickell, Steven Novella, Tim OʼBrien, Matt Parker, Nate Phelps, Elizabeth Pisani, Anita Powell, Jon Ronson, Richard Saunders, Eugenie Scott, Phil Scraton, Kavin Senapathy, Ahir Shah, Tom Shakespeare, Simon Singh, Carol Tavris, Richard Wiseman, Andy Zaltzman, Paul Zenon, and the Skepticsʼ Guide to the Universe.

Who will be speaking next time? Check back soon to find out!

All guests appear subject to work commitments.