Code of Conduct

Attendee Conduct

QED reserves the right to refuse or rescind admission to any person whose presence represents a real or perceived threat to the smooth running of the event or the security and comfort of others.

Anti-social behaviour can be referred to designated members of staff who will deal with the issue in confidence. Such behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in ejection from the venue without refund.

There are dedicated telephone numbers for attendees to call and report incidents during the event which will be printed in the Event Guide. Any report will be taken seriously and investigated and may result in individuals being removed from the event and/or refused admission to future events.

We also have a dedicated email address for reports during or after events: Even if no action can be taken during the event, future attendance is at risk and we will refuse admission to anyone who is deemed to be a risk to the well being of attendees.

Attendees with Recognised Influence

QED recognises the position of influence or authority held by event organisers, guest speakers, and other attendees of recognised influence, and how such positions can be misused, intentionally or unintentionally. As guidance, we recommend that organisers, speakers, and attendees with recognised influence should avoid:

  1. accidentally or on purpose being alone with an attendee except in public spaces; and
  2. the pursuit of romantic or sexual interaction with an attendee at the conference

For the purposes of this Code of Conduct, ‘attendee of recognised influence’ means any attendee with a recognised following, including fans, listeners, patrons, subscribers, or similar.