Let's Actually Talk About Sex

Published 21 September 2022 at 10:23
Photograph of a vibrator with a pack of condoms on top

Sex - everyone’s doing it, and if you’re not; is there something wrong with you? Everyone’s talking about it, but are the conversations actually including everyone?

The media is saturated with coverage of sex and relationships, but how much of that coverage is responsible, accurate, inclusive and positive? In this panel we’ll examine the discourse around sex and sexuality, and how it can overlook the needs, desires and pleasures of almost everyone. From the pseudoscientific and potentially dangerous products that pop up to fill needs created by media distortions and misconceptions, to the myths and misguided beliefs that persist across society, there’s certainly plenty for our panel of sex experts (never ‘sexperts’) to grapple with.

Dr Alice Howarth is a biologist and co-host of the Skeptics with a K podcast, where - among other things - she talks about sex, sexuality and sex-based products. She'll be joined by:

  • Justin Hancock is a sex and relationships educator, trainer and practitioner working with young people and adults. His website BISHuk.com is one of the leading sex and relationships advice websites for all those over 14, receiving thousands of visits per day. Justin works with practitioners in sex and relationships education and sexual health services to provide training and resources. He has made media appearances on television, radio and has written several pieces for newspapers and blogs. Most recently for Mashable and as an ‘Agony Uncle’ for Novara Media. He is the author of Can We Talk About Consent, co-author of Enjoy Sex - How, When and If You Want To. A Practical and Inclusive Guide, and host of the Culture Sex Relationships podcast.
  • Dr Fern Riddell is a cultural historian, and an expert in sex, suffrage and entertainment in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Her first book, The Victorian Guide To Sex, tackled the myths of Victorian prudishness. Her next book, Sex: Lessons From History, is an exploration of the attitudes and identities western society has had towards sex. As an on screen expert, she has appeared on documentaries for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky Arts, Smithsonian, BBC Radio 3 and 4, and has appeared as an expert historian for radio and television across the world, working with both Audible and Spotify. She writes for The Guardian, Huffington Post, Times Higher Education, The Telegraph, The New Statesman, History Today and BBC History Magazine.
  • Professor Tom Shakespeare is professor of disability research at LSHTM, has published over 100 papers and chapters about disability as a qualitative sociologist. His books include The Sexual Politics of Disability, and Disability Rights and Wrongs. He has worked for WHO, and has been a member of the Arts Council of England, and the Nuffield Council on Bioethics.
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