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Announcing... Serious Inquiries Only podcast

Posted by QED on 10 August 2022, 09:23

The QED team are pleased to announce a live recording of Serious Inquiries Only in the QED podcast room.

Serious Inquiries Only digs deep on the science behind viral headlines, right-wing talking points, and other public misconceptions! Running for over 300 shows since 2016, when it took over from its predecessor Atheistically Speaking, Serious Inquiries Only is hosted by Thomas Smith and Lindsey Osterman.

Thomas Smith is a professional podcaster who began podcasting in 2010 with a quest to read the entire bible while providing critical commentary and humour along the way. That project soon led to many others, including Serious Inquiries Only, Opening Arguments, Philosophers in Space, Dear Old Dads, and several other shows.

Dr Lindsey Osterman earned a PhD in social psychology in 2012 and was an associate professor of psychology until 2022, when she left to pursue a career in public science communication. She also co-hosts the podcasts What The FUP? Downloads From The Secret Ghost Library, and We’re On The Same Page

Serious Inquiries Only adds to a QED podcast room schedule that already includes InKredulous and Skeptics with a K, with more shows still to announce. Entry to all of the live podcast recordings comes included with every QED ticket, costing £120 (£80 concessions).

Stay tuned for further announcements of live podcasts, mainstage speakers, and the line-up for the QED panel room.

Pick up your QED ticket today, and we’ll see you at Halloween!