Truth Hertz

Posted by QED at 10:00am on October 6th 2018

Sound is usually invisible, and in common with some other invisible things tends to attract superstitions and folk-wisdom. Science and art fuse in music, where technology has long inspired musicians, and musicians and music lovers have in turn driven new advances in technology, while mathematics is closely related to musical composition and theory.

So let’s take a moment to reflect some of the wisdom of science on the mystics of music, the audiophiles and the numerologists who would otherwise run amok.

Our host Rick Owen is joined by panel of experts to engage in a harmonious discussion and drown out the discord:

Professor Sophie Scott is a neuroscientist and head of the Speech Communication Group at University College London’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. Her work has focused on the cognitive neuroscience of language and laughter. In 2017, Sophie gave the prestigious Royal Institution’s Christmas Lecture series, on the science of communication and laughter.

Dr Milton Mermikides is Senior Lecturer of Music at the University of Surrey, Professor of Jazz Guitar at the Royal College of Music. Milton is a composer, guitarist and educator who lectures internationally at a variety of music and science institutions. He has been featured in the Times Higher Education and on BBC Radio 4, and has won awards for writing, teaching, research and charity work.

Anne-Marie Cundy is took up the violin at age 6 and studied at Junior Trinity where she won the performance prize and went on to earn a BMus and LRAM at the Royal Academy of Music. She has performed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, RTE Radio and Concert Prchestra and Guildford Philharmonic, gigs with Muse, Lightning Seeds, Madness, Bette Midler, and more.

Carmen D'Cruz has been the part of the London Skeptics in the Pub team since 2009 and has worked with critical thinking groups around the world to promote the rational application of evidence in as many areas as possible. Outside of work & skepticism she also dabbles in stand up comedy and music.