Skeptics in the Pub Workshop: Social Media, Outreach, and Activism

Posted by QED at 10:23am on September 19th 2018
A skeptics in the pub event

In this year‘s workshop we aim to score a glorious hat-trick of Skeptics in the Pub fundamentals. The spirit, as always, will be one of interaction and participation as the facilitators will be relying on you to put some flesh on the bones of information that they‘re laying out for you. Come along, share your expertise, get involved!

Social Media

Glasgow Skeptics’ Brian Eggo will take a look at promoting events in the big three (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), but will also explore some other avenues for spreading the word about your talks. Also included, a bold attempt to demystify Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups. Risky!


With a relatively limited audience at talks and online, it‘s vital to spread the word of skepticism to the wider public whenever the opportunity arises. Edinburgh Skeptics’ Sean Slater will give an overview of how to run an effective stall at a public event. You'll even get a chance to play with some of the props that we use on such occasions.


There are times when hosting events and public outreach just aren't enough and action needs to be taken. It‘s surprising what can be done by one person with just a little time, and scaling up your actions can bring even greater rewards. London Skeptics in the Pub’s Carmen D’Cruz will take a journey through your options from small and local to large and international.

We would also like to encourage SITP Organisers at QED to make it known that they are involved in running a group. It would be nice for us to be able to identify each other, and other attendees at the conference may want to ask you about your group, get involved, or ask for help. To help out with this, come and see Carmen, Sean or Brian to get an ’SITP Organiser‘ sticker to put on your conference badge.