Schedule released, Book Shambles update, and a bonus speaker!

Posted by QED at 10:00am on October 8th 2018

The full QED schedule is now available, for you to start planning your weekend!

Also, we regret to announce that Wally Funk will no longer be able to join us for the Book Shambles podcast. Unfortunately, Wally has been advised against transatlantic flight by her doctor, but the Book Shambles interview will go ahead, with her co-author Sue Nelson joined by broadcaster Dallas Campbell.

Also, we are pleased to be able to add one further main-stage speaker to the QED line-up, on top of those already announced:

When the Spirit Moves You: a History of Poltergeists

Deborah Hyde, editor of the UK's Skeptic magazine, has an unfortunate fixation on the malign macabre. As a consequence, she knows more about vampires, werewolves and exorcisms than any well-adjusted person.

For QED 2018 Deborah is revealing the quirky and troublesome “life” of the poltergeist. Not content with mere visual manifestation, poltergeists are presences which interact with their environments. Making noises, hurling objects and causing levitation is sometimes just the start.

Deborah will go over the history of this potent supernatural phenomenon and discuss the theories behind it illustrated with her signature blend of research and anecdotes.