My Brother is a Mormon!

Posted by QED at 10:23am on September 20th 2018

When QED organiser Andy Wilson was a young teenager, his brother converted to Mormonism - a world Andy realised he knew very little about. Despite being a religion with nearly 200,000 followers in the UK, relatively few people in this country really know much about the beliefs and practices of Mormonism, or the incredible origin story of the religion.

In this panel we’ll explore The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from a historical perspective as well as how it stands up to modern societal values. We’ll look at their record and hear from former members to get their unique perspectives.

Exploring the church from the perspective of former members, as well as a family member affected by his brother’s conversion, promises a lively conversation about a little-understood religion which has its fair share of skeletons in the cupboard.

Joining Andy to arm you for your next encounter with a missionary on the street or the doorstep will be:

  • Cara Santa Maria - Skeptics Guide to the Universe co-host Cara was raised Mormon but, confused by certain aspects and unmotivated by others, as a fifteen year old she eventually realised she was atheist, told her parents and began investigating the world through fresh, scientific, eyes.
  • Greg Rattey – Greg is an LGBTQ activist who converted to Mormonism when he was nineteen. Thirteen years later, when he told the church he thought he was gay, the advice was as cruel as it was astonishing. Needless to say he is no longer Mormon and is now assists people in getting out of Mormonism.
  • Bryce Blankenagel - Bryce is the host of the Naked Mormonism podcast. An American ex-Mormon he now identifies as atheist and is an encyclopaedia of Mormon history. In his podcast Bryce casts an evidential eye on the claims of the church and what it is to be Mormon.