Getting Started with Stargazing

Posted by QED at 11:00am on October 1st 2018

In this workshop, Anthony Holloway from Jodrell Bank will look at how you can get started in stargazing, what you can do with the naked eye or binoculars and what the options are for moving on to using telescopes and the new objects you can observe.

We'll show some of the results and techniques for capturing the skies with astrophotography. Finally we'll look at what you can do from your armchair on cloudy nights, with remote observing using 'rental telescopes' and getting involved in astronomical citizen science projects.

Anthony Holloway started out as an amateur astronomer and went on to use some of the largest telescopes around the world as part of his work towards a PhD in astrophysics. He is now the Head of Computing for the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics and maintain interests in practical astronomy and astrophotography.