Further additions to the QED Fringe

Posted by QED at 10:23am on August 16th 2018
The QED Mixer

As QED has grown over the years, so too has the QED Fringe—the series of events and get-togethers which take place before QED starts on Saturday morning. We’ve already announced our day-long Skepticamp event, taking place on the Friday before QED and open to everyone, not just QED attendees. In previous years, we’ve also had quizzes, social events, and even unofficial fringe events taking place on the Thursday before QED (thanks to the lovely folk at the Greater Manchester Skeptics Society). With QED 2018 set to be our biggest event to date, this year is certainly no exception, with two more events added to the unofficial fringe.

  • A Skeptical Extravaganza: co-organised with the Greater Manchester Skeptics Society, this one-off event will be hosted by George Hrab on the Thursday before QED.
  • SGU Live Show: a small, intimate recording for around forty people, taking place in the QED hotel on Friday night.

Both events are being organised by the SGU, with tickets available directly from SGU Productions on Eventbrite. And, of course, all QED ticket-holders will be able to see the live recording of The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe on the QED main stage as part of their regular QED entry.

There are still further QED fringe events to be added, plus a whole host of other official QED panels, podcasts, workshops and more, so we hope you’ll be as excited by what we have in store for you as we are!