Charity Dinner to raise funds for Good Thinking

Posted by QED at 2:30pm on April 25th 2018
Good Thinking Society

Each year at QED, we’ve held our Gala Dinner on Saturday evening as an opportunity for some of our attendees to enjoy a three-course meal in the company of our speakers, ahead of the full evening of entertainment. As QED has grown, the number of people at our dinner has grown, to cater to those who feel comfortable paying a little extra too spend time with our speakers, and to help cover some of the other costs of the evening.

This year, however, we’ve decided to do things a little differently. Rather than our normal Gala Dinner, we’re holding a Charity Dinner, as an opportunity to raise some money for an organisation we feel is a doing the kind of skeptical work our community can be proud of: the Good Thinking Society.

Good Thinking is a skeptical charity founded by Simon Singh, whose work over the last five years has included successfully challenging and reducing NHS spending on homeopathy; supporting skeptical writers and activists who have been threatened with spurious legal claims; challenging pseudoscientific treatments in the fields of veterinary and dental medicine; investigating and challenging the misleading advertising claims of chiropractors and osteopaths; and much, much more.

In order to ensure we raise enough money for Good Thinking, the Charity Dinner will be a little more expensive this year, with tickets costing £80. However, other than the cost of the food itself, every penny will be donated to Good Thinking, to help continue their skeptical work.

We know not everybody will be able to afford to attend the Charity Dinner, but we hope those who want to attend will be happy to support a worthwhile charity. And for everyone who doesn’t attend the dinner, access to the evening’s entertainment will—as always—come as part of your regular QED weekend ticket.

You can find out more about Good Thinking’s work at, and you can purchase your Charity Dinner ticket along with your QED ticket when tickets go on sale on May 1st.