Announcing... The European Skeptics Podcast

Posted by QED at 8:00pm on September 27th 2018

The European Skeptics Podcast (The ESP) is a weekly podcast hosted by members from several European skeptic organisations: András Gábor Pintér from Hungary, Jelena Levin from Latvia and Pontus Böckman from Sweden.

The podcast, which aims to support European-level actions within the skeptical movement, started following the Board meeting of the European Council of Skeptical Organisations during the 16th European Skeptics Congress in London in September 2015. At QED, Claire Klingenberg from the Czech Republic and Brian Eggo from Scotland will join the team for their live recording. The ESP take a wide view of scepticism and the continent wide perspective is always interesting in an engaging and informative format.

András Pintér is the vice president of the Hungarian Skeptic Society. He received the James Randi Skeptic Award for an essay he wrote for the journal Természet Világa in 1999, and has been a guest on TV and radio shows in Hungary. András has been part of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia since 2014 and in his talks he focuses on the falsehoods and misinformation circulating in the tourism industry.

Pontus Böckman discovered skepticism in 2010 and soon thereafter became deeply involved in local activism, such as organising Skeptics in the Pub and giving lectures on skepticism in local schools. In 2013 he co-founded and became president of the local south branch of the national Swedish Skeptics Society (“Vetenskap och Folkbildning” or VoF). In 2014 he was also elected to the national board of VoF where he currently acts as President.

Claire Klingenberg is the president of the European Council of Skeptical Organisations. She has been involved in the skeptic movement since 2013 as co-organiser of the Czech Paranormal Challenge. Since then, she has consulted on various projects, where woo & belief meets science. Claire has spoken at multiple science&skepticism conferences and events worldwide. She also organised the European Skeptics Congress 2017, and both years of the Czech March for Science.

Brian Eggo is the benevolent dictator of Glasgow Skeptics. He took over the reins in 2015, and shortly after made the naive decision to try and fill every single Monday night with some Science & Skepticism. They now host approximately forty talks a year, plus visits to other groups' talks, field trips to 'alternative' events, and other fun activities.