Announcing... Serious Inquiries Only

Posted by QED at 10:23am on October 4th 2018

Serious Inquiries Only is a podcast about science, philosophy, politics, atheism and skepticism, hosted by Thomas Smith.

On this special live recording, Thomas will speak with prison and public law solicitor and past QED speaker Emma McClure about her experiences dealing with the justice system, the ethics of incarceration, and the extent to which compassion and empathy play a role when dealing with people who have committed even abhorrent crimes. They'll also explore the role of religion in how society treats offenders and how atheism might inspire seeing criminal justice through a different lens.

Thomas Smith began podcasting in 2010 with a quest to read the entire Bible while providing critical commentary and humour along the way. That project soon led to many others, including Opening Arguments, a legal podcast that takes complex legal issues in the news and breaks them down in an accessible and entertaining way, and Philosophers in Space, which uncovers and explains the philosophy behind your favourite works of sci-fi.

Emma McClure is a solicitor specialising in prison and public law whose work sees her regularly representing prisoners during parole hearings and bringing judicial reviews against public bodies. She has given talks around the country on the way in which over-confidence in the veracity of forensic science can lead to miscarriages of justice and has gone undercover to investigate psychics, faith healers and Mind Body Spirit fairs.