A Practical Guide to Attacking Castles: a workshop with Paul Duncan McGarrity

Posted by QED at 10:23am on August 30th 2018
Paul McGarrity lifting a castle

Each year at QED we like to offer workshops that teach practical, usable skills to help the would-be science communicator and skeptical activist put their enthusiasm into practice. We've had introductions to Street Epistemology, primers on investigative journalism, and training sessions on basic magic skills, to name a few.

With that in mind, we're pleased to have archeologist and stand-up comedian Paul Duncan McGarrity returning to QED to offer his very own Practical Guide to Attacking Castles. Just in case, you know, you come across any castles that really need some attacking.

From the age of sieges and chivalry comes a comedy show about medieval love, adrenaline junkies and an insane quest for glory. Join Paul as he explains how modern life could be so much better if we all take a moment and learn how to attack a castle.

Paul Duncan McGarrity is an archaeologist and comedian who got his start in comedy as part of the improv troop ‘Deadman in a box’. Since 2009 he has been performing stand-up comedy, and now balances his work as a field archaeologist with gigs at some of the UK’s top comedy clubs and hosting the Ask an Archaeologist podcast.