The QED Podcast Track: featuring the Parapod, InKredulous and Skeptics with a K

Posted by QED at 6:00pm on June 23rd 2017

Last year, for the first time, we added a dedicated podcast track to QED, featuring some of the biggest skeptical, atheist and science podcasts around. The track proved hugely popular, with standing room only for some of the recordings of shows like God Awful Movies, Cognitive Dissonance, Talk Nerdy and more.

This year, the track promises to be just as exciting, and we’re pleased to announce our first three live podcasts–including an exclusive first ever live show from the host of The Parapod!

The Parapod: Barry Dodds is a comedian, and a believer in a whole host of paranormal claims; his fellow comedian Ian Boldsworth is a skeptic, and is frequently exasperated by his friend’s acceptance of extraordinary claims. Together they go on a tour of ghosts, UFOs, conspiracies and mysteries, as Barry attempts to persuade Ian to believe... so far, unsuccessfully. The pair will be appearing live in the QED 2017 podcast room.

InKredulous: Hosted by Andy Wilson, InKredulous is the skeptical-themed comedy panel show that has become a stalwart of QED, with previous guests including Jon Ronson, Andy Zaltzman, Kate Smurthwaite, Steve Novella, Robert Llewellyn, Natalie Haynes and more.

Skeptics with a K: Produced by the Merseyside Skeptics Society, Skeptics with a K is the longest-running skeptical podcast in the UK, featuring Mike Hall, Dr Alice Howarth, and Michael Marshall. Each episode features skeptical breakdowns of credulous newspaper stories, the latest health fads, myths and misconceptions, and reports on skeptical activism and investigations.

We still have a few more podcasts to announce, as well as more speakers, panels and workshops–so pick up your QED ticket today, and stay tuned for more information!