The Skeptic Magazine Ockham Awards 2017

Posted by QED at 9:30pm on August 7th 2017

Every year, QED is proud to be the host of The Skeptic magazine’s Ockham Awards for outstanding skeptical achievement. Now in their sixth year, the awards recognise the effort and time that have gone into the community’s favourite skeptical blogs, skeptical podcasts, skeptical campaigns, and outstanding contributors to the skeptical cause.

One of the most important elements of the awards are that the shortlists are selected members of the public. The awards are always judged on a number of criteria:

  1. Quality.
  2. Success of outreach, both in terms of absolute numbers (how many people did they reach?) and how ‘intrepid’ that outreach was (are they preaching to the choir or getting new people interested in skepticism?)
  3. Relevance to the UK ‘scene’ and, therefore, the bulk of their readership. This doesn’t mean that the candidate has to necessarily be UK-based, just that they should cover content that is relevant and known in the UK.

To help The Skeptic recognise skepticism’s most effective activists, head over to their website to make your nominations today.

The winners will be announced before the evening entertainment at QED on Saturday 14th October.