QED to screen premiere of Science Moms

Posted by QED at 6:00pm on August 9th 2017

This October, QED will be the host of the premiere of new documentary Science Moms. The film, which was inspired by the ‘Moms4GMOs’ movement, gives a voice to science-minded mothers. In a world where too often the ‘mommy instinct’ can be used as a trump card over evidence and fact, Science Moms highlights the work done by pro-science women to stand up to the fear mongers, the shamers, and the feted celebrities. Through interviews with “science moms” on the front lines of the struggle against bad science, the film dissects the bogus health claims of celebrities one by one and explains in simple language what the science really shows about GMOs, vaccines, homeopathy, and more.

The film is the brainchild of Natalie Newell and Brian Newell, and features QED speaker Kavin Senapathy. Natalie and Kavin will be at the screening to introduce the film.

Attendance to the film screening is free with every QED ticket. QED tickets are still on sale, and you can pick yours up today at qedcon.org/tickets.