Hungry like the Wolfe: Dietary Pseudoscience

Posted by QED at 10:23am on August 31st 2017

Feeding the UK’s 65m people is a tricky business. Eating in, out or on the street there is inevitably a layer of myths, lies and pseudoscience running throughout the industry. Can one really detox oneself with food choices? No. But this is the tip of the iceberg lettuce. Get the inside track on what should be tweaking your skeptical spider senses from our panel of science foodies. Joining host Andy Wilson will be:

  • Anthony WarnerAnthony Warner aka the Angry Chef, exposes “lies, pretensions and stupidity in the world of food” through his blog and a recent book entitled “Bad Science and the Truth About Healthy Eating”
  • Kavin SenapathyKavin Senapathy is co-author of “The Fear Babe: Shattering Vani Hari’s Glass House” Kavin Senapathy is well versed in the way food myths infiltrate public understanding.
  • Charlotte HardmanDr Charlotte Hardman Dr Charlotte Hardman is a lecturer in the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Liverpool. Her research examines the factors which influence appetite, eating and food preferences and she has worked in this area for more than fifteen years, including designing and testing interventions to change eating behaviour. She has a PhD in Psychology and has published over thirty-five scientific papers in prestigious journals including the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the International Journal of Obesity.

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