Crime and Punishment: the UK prison system

Posted by QED at 10:23am on September 14th 2017

Tales of life in the UK prison system are rarely far from the pages of the tabloids—ranging from stories about how ‘pampered prisoners’ have it ‘too easy’, to reports of drugs, riots and chronic overcrowding. Our panel on crime and punishment in the UK will look at the factors that affect life on the inside, what conditions are like behind bars, what role prison ought to play in society, and what resources are—or, more frequently, are not—available to the average prisoner.

Joining host Nicola Throp to discuss these issues is our panel of legal experts:

  • Phil Scraton Phil Scraton is Emeritus Professor in the School of Law, Queen’s University, Belfast, Phil’s research covers the politics of incarceration, including his books Power, Conflict and Criminalisation; The Violence of Incarceration; and The Incarceration of Women.
  • Geoff Whelan Geoff Whelan is a criminal barrister with over twenty years practice. He is also the chair of the Greater Manchester Skeptics Society and co-organiser of QED.
  • Emma McClure Emma McClure is a solicitor specialising in prison and public law whose work sees her regularly representing prisoners during parole hearings.

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